Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Splash du Jour: Tuesday

Have a great Tuesday!


Beth said...

I’ve managed to get through some rough times in my life with the help of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross. (And I like the way she spells her first name.)
However, I don’t consider myself a beautiful person for having done so although I know plenty of people who are.

Cipriano said...

I've read several of Kubler-Ross's books, and I really like her.
Most of Kubler-Rossism deals with the grief of death, but when I read this quote I think of broken-heartedness in other ways, too. There have been times when I have spoken with people who I [secretly] think of as a bit shallow, and I've asked them if they have ever had their heart broken. Most often my amateur psychological assessment of them is confirmed as they say, "No, not really."

Merisi said...

@ Beth:
Elisabeth is the German spelling.

@ Cipriano:
Amen! ;-)

Amy said...

I've often been guilty of using the phrase "too happy to be very smart or very deep." I suppose we all stereotype one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

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