Friday, April 06, 2012

Lacrima: A Very Unprofessional Wine Review

I had the pleasure of being invited to an incredibly delectable Good Friday FEAST today! My friends T & J [respecting their anonymity] always have the best soirees out at their moonlit country estate!
Anyhoo -- aside from the most tastiest salads and roast chicken and turkey and 'taters and squash and carrot melanges and "Three Nut" pie for dessert [pecans, almonds, and... something else nutty] I was also introduced to a wine that made the merlot I had brought along seem like dishwater, in comparison.
The wine is called Velenosi Lacrima Di Morro.
I am not a connoisseur, by any means. If I was in the movie "Sideways" I would not be the character played by Paul Giamatti, I would be the one played by Thomas Haden Church, who does not have a clue about the difference between pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon -- but finds himself dragged along on the wine tour by his oenophile friend, Miles. [Giamatti].
I'm generally more of a…… "beer" type guy. And I generally dislike hard liquor of all kinds, except maybe vodka now and then. But when it comes to wine, I've been known to… imbibe. But on a very amateur, somewhat "Mateus" level.
This wine, this Lacrima stuff, hailing from a very precise part of Italy -- really, you've just got to uncork a bottle and put your schnoz up to it's throat, and you will be in love. A review I have found online describes it perfectly:
The wine’s particularly floral bouquet often recalls scents of lavender, roses and violets and its flavors are reminiscent of blueberry pie – cooked blueberries with a hint of cinnamon spice.
Smooth and elegant -- again, I have not the words.
It was heavenly stuff. And probably the only unreserved wine endorsement you will ever find here on Bookpuddle!


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