Friday, April 13, 2012

The Loss Dims The Stars

You know, I was already missing the living presence of Christopher Hitchens, but then an article like this shows up in my latest issue of Free Inquiry. [Which, by the way, is the best magazine in the world. Every article as relevant as the lack of tomorrow's acopalypse.]
And it makes me miss him all the more.
I respect my readers enough to know that you know who Christopher Hitchens is. So I won't go into all of that jazz. But suffice it to say that Mr. Hitchens was a voice that is missed, here in BookpuddleLand.
He was not so much the "revolution" in my thinking, regarding matters of spirituality and religion, but moreso, he was the catalyst whereby the things I knew in the deepest part of me, were solidified, or given a voice of conviction and clarification. Sure resolve.
Often a harsh voice.
But a voice that rang true, even if caustic at times. Always controversial.
Anyone that speaks truth is going to be controversial. Adversarial.
But the bravery of someone like Hitchens -- ahhh, the loss dims the stars.


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Sam Sattler said...

Well said. Every time I see a picture of Hitchens I grieve anew for the silencing of such a brilliant voice. Just thinking about how much he never had a chance to say makes me sad. He was most definitely an influence on my thinking.