Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Breakin' It Down...

Just thought I'd drop by and say "I made it here!"
To my vacation!
Having a grand time in the ol' city of Toronto.
The weather could not be better.
[Cipriano, your "Book" page is starting to sound a lot like a Facebook© page!]
I know -- but to my credit, hey, I DID sit out in the sun today at a nearby Starbucks and read Shroud, by John Banville. PLUS -- visited a couple of really neat bookstores! Plus ate some hamburgers..... and some shawarma -- There I go. FACEBOOKING, again!
Anyhoo -- just wanted to show you this shot of a guy breakdancing [or whatever it is] in front of The Eaton Center this afternoon. Completely wild.
If I did anything like this -- even remotely like this, I would have been left in some sort of unrecognizable radiated heap, strewn about like a mechanically de-boned chicken due to the centrifugal forces alone!
Oh, and as a BONUS, earlier in the day, I saw two trucks for the company I work for! There's only one thing better than not working, and that's knowing that other people where you work are working when you aren't working.


Beth said...

“The weather could not be better.”
Hope you have an umbrella today!

Anonymous said...

That last sentence might earn you some bad vibes from co-workers who read your blog.
Just sayin'...

Cipriano said...

Beth -- but the weather is beautiful AGAIN!

"C" -- you know -- this is a very good point!

Stefanie said...

So glad you are having a great vacation so far. Hope it continues. The break dancer is pretty good. I am most impressed though with his dance area. When I was a youth and break dancing was becoming popular I had some friends who did it and they danced on big pieces of cardboard. the times have changed.