Thursday, May 10, 2012

CRASH du Jour: Thursday

Those of you who are addicted to a daily dose of Bookpuddle Splash du Jours will notice that today you had to… go without, as it were!
<-- And the reason has everything to do with the photo here.
Lately I have had some severe sleeping issues, as in, I can't do it.
So I've resorted to these -- pills. [I spoke of this recently].
Anyhoo -- last night I took one of these blue beauties and then nodded off into Never-Never Land. And this morning, I was still slumbering like a tranquilized rhinoceros when [of all things] my bedroom phone rang, two feet away from my paralyzed head.
It was a worried co-worker wondering WHY I WASN'T AT WORK!
I looked at my alarm clock and launched out of bed like Wile E. Coyote falling from a cliff -- neck all stretched out and everything, but in REVERSE mode.
Either my alarm clock is made by the ACME© company, OR -- these pills are just too powerful, man!
At any rate, I did make it in to work -- with quite the hair-do, I must say, and minus a Splash du Jour for my blog!
I spent the day reconsidering the power of Sleep-Eze.
And also, I thought of the movie The Matrix.
Remember when Morpheus [Laurence Fishburne] gives Neo [Keanu Reeves] the option of taking either the blue pill or the red pill?
Well -- Morpheus LIED to Neo, because last night I chose the BLUE pill, and I did NOT "wake up in my bed" as promised. I stayed in "wonderland!"


Beth said...

I told you to be careful with that stuff!
Having said that, it’s tempting to give one of those blue beauties a try – but only when absolutely necessary. Tonight? ;)

Anonymous said...

There is another blue that will keep you up. You should still be in the same bed.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, it works! I took one of each blue pills, and I was up all night whilst I slept like a baby.

Stefanie said...

Wow, those are dangerous! Perhaps something a little less powerful might do like sleep-inducing antihistamines? A single Benadryl is a enough to knock me out for hours when I am not trying to sleep. Or maybe you should feast on a turkey sandwich with a warm glass of milk to wash it all down?