Saturday, May 05, 2012

Prayer: A Trifecta Writing Challenge

I know in advance that I will not win and/or place in this particular Trifecta Writing Challenge because of the political [or religious] incorrectness of my response, but I'll give it a go, nonetheless:

This week’s Trifextra challenge is simple, but ambiguous.

Three truths and a lie.

33 to 333 words.

Bring it.

Three truths and a lie.

Fair enough.

Utilizing only the minimum requisite of 33 words, here are my thoughts:

Truth One: In difficulty, we should pray to God.

Truth Two: We need only the faith of a mustard seed.

Truth Three: God will answer that sincere prayer.

Lie: God will answer it.



Bis said...

your blog is very interesting:-)

I'm following your blog! hope you will do the same!:)

Sandra said...

Minimalism, indeed. I like the parallel between the lie and last truth. It leaves a jolt and makes you really think about it.

Elizabeth said...

Hey Cip! I like it. It's very real. Truth is beauty and beauty is truth. ;)

Kelly Garriott Waite said...

Oh, I enjoyed this one. Nicely done. Another truth/not truth.

Anonymous said...

I laughed at your comment about not placing because of the content. I also have a religious one that I may post - I had the exact same thought!

I think prayers are answered, but not always with the answer I'd like :)

Jester Queen said...

I have never known the editors to reject something because of its political or religious content. I'm pretty sure that Scriptor Obscura has won or placed with a holocaust themed piece that focused specifically on the clash between Catholicism and Judaism.

I also loved that the lie was that the prayers would be answered.

Beth said...

You don’t always write to win – you write because you’re inspired and you want to tell your truth.

(Good one.)

Trifecta said...

Yep, Jester is right, we never preclude a piece because of its content. In fact, I like this piece a lot. It challenges a common perception and while not everyone reading will agree with you, it will certainly be food for thought for all.