Friday, May 18, 2012

Splash du Jour: Friday

Art is amoral, whether we accept this or not; it does not take sides. The finest fictions are cold at heart.
-- John Banville --

Have a great Friday!


Euronymous said...

Since this quote was posted I have been having trouble suppressing my rage. I am angered that someone who seems intelligent could write something so fundamentally wrong. All art has a moral message. Cipriano asked me what about modern art? Well ‘art’ is not ink on a page or paint on a canvas; ‘art’ is a message that the viewer interprets. To corrupt McLuhan’s phase, Art is not the medium it is the message; art has a theme and that theme is its morality.

I can only imagine how meaningless Banville's novels are without a moral message.

Euronymous said...

Further, I know some readers of this blog that should be more aware of the morality in the novels they read.

Perhaps another quick read of Madame Bovary would help in the argument of morality in novels; or even better - Nana