Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Almond Blossom

I am well into Day Two of a vacation.
I have not gone anywhere -- I'm just staying right here -- but it is so nice to not be going to work for a week!
I began this week with a foray into the world of fine art, visiting the National Gallery just down the street from where I live. I can literally see the place from my apartment, and after 15 years of residence here, I finally bought a membership. Now I can go as many times as I want to all the special exhibits without paying the entrance fee.
[Thank you Lorin, for presenting this wonderful idea to me].
Yesterday my friend and I went to the Van Gogh "Up Close" exhibit.
It was fantastic!
For several months this summer, the Ottawa National Gallery showcases 45 paintings representing some of Van Gogh's more detailed work. Hence, the name "Up Close".
Obviously, no cameras were allowed in. My favorite piece was called Almond Blossom, seen above. A bigger image
--> HERE.
Vinny cranked this one out in 1890, on the occasion of his nephew's birth, and it is meant to signify budding life.
I stared at this painting and just wondered HOW he could have done it. As you look at the thing, the sky above the branches actually appears to move, swirling.
Anyhoo -- if I continue along these lines for the week, by the time I return to work next Monday, I will be "cultured." For instance, tonight my friend and I are conducting an experiential study of gourmet pizza!


Stefanie said...

I love Van Gogh and his almond blossoms is one of my favorites. What a wonderful way to spend a day of vacation!

Cipriano said...

Yes, it was really great, Stefanie.
Such a relaxing week I have had -- dabbling in the fine art of... Art -- and also sleeping in.
But Monday approaches.
I'll have to get in the "van" [as it were] and "gogh" back to work!
Woe is me!

Melwyk said...

This sounds like a marvellous way to spend a holiday. So much to do in your great city!

D.B. said...

Catching up on your blog. Almond blossom is my lap top screen saver. I LOVE it! Happy Canada day 2012.

Cipriano said...

Melwyk, thank you for dropping by.
Yes, Ottawa. I just LOVE this city, Ireally do.

Dana, so good to hear from you.That is such a coincidence, the Almond Blossom thing. Thank you for your Canada Day wishes. I really need a long weekend!