Sunday, July 01, 2012


HAPPY CANADA DAY, CANADA! 145 years young!
It's a terrific day for a celebration!
Sunny, and big fluffy clouds, BUT NO RAIN!
Soon I'll join the throngs of crazy people out there on the streets.
I live in the nation's capital, Ottawa, and quite close to Parliament Hill -- where most of the action takes place. Every year the Snowbirds aerobatic team do a flypast and I try to get a shot of what it looks like from here, un-zoomed. Tonight the fireworks will be awesome from my lofty vantage point!
And one of the best things about Canada Day falling on a Sunday?
Tomorrow is a holiday!


Merisi said...

Happy Canada Day, Cipriano!

Sam said...

Happy Canada Day, Cip. Enjoy the holiday. Ours comes in the middle of the workweek this year, effectively ruining both halves. :-)

guiltlessreading said...

Enjoy the fireworks!

Stefanie said...

Happy Canada Day! You have a most awesome view. We'll be celebrating Independence Day in the US on Wednesday but it is going to be so hot and humid here I doubt I will leave the air conditioned house.