Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Never Enough Time !!

Do you ever finish a book and you just love the book and want to write about it, but time constrains you? This happens to me all the… "time"… as it has tonight, having just finished this dandy of a novel by Tim O'Brien. It is my fifth book I have read from this fabulous American author.
<-- Northern Lights is maybe my favourite I have read thus far, although The Things They Carried is also just an unforgettable piece of essential reading!
As my late-night supper cooks itself in a nearby oven, filling my apartment with the lovely smells of roast chicken -- as I bustle about doing my evening chores -- as I lament that my workaday world absorbs far too much of my energy and TIME -- I just wanted to splash past The Puddle long enough to tell y'all that if you have not read Tim O'Brien yet -- make time for him, some…… time…. soon!
This was a whopper of a good read. An adventure story that is so much more than that! Written in a Hemingwayesque mix of nuance and simplicity, not to mention depth!
Every page filled with "true sentences"!
Now, if you'll excuse me -- it's time to check my Lottery tickets for tonight's 6/49 draw.
I have two tickets, and the prize tonight is an estimated 25,000,000 clams!
If I win -- trust me -- my GOD am I ever going to be doing a lot of blogging!
You'll be positively sick of how much blogging and wildly-verbose book-reviewing you'll see on Bookpuddle!


Megan said...

This kind of thing frustrates me all the time. I'm forever finding great books to talk about and having to put off talking about them to do stupid stuff like going to my job, washing some clothes to wear to my job, making myself semi-presentable for my job... It seems like if only I didn't need this silly job, I'd have an awful lot of time to read and blog, and maybe I would even read The Things They Carried which is waiting patiently on the shelf for me to find some time or win the lottery or both.

Good luck with the lottery - I'm pretty sure tonight is going to be your night! ;-) Hopefully, my ship's going to come in soon, too...

Anonymous said...

Well Cippy, if you win the lottery, I want to be there when you go book shopping. I'd love to see someone go nuts buying scores of books.
In fact, I'd love it to be me...

Alyce said...

I take it you didn't win? :) I have a copy of The Things They Carried. I should move it to my bedside stack so that I actually see it now and then. Proximity seems to have a bigger impact on when I read something, especially in the summer when my kids are around to distract.

Cipriano said...

Megan -- thank you for writing.
See, I have succeeded in getting both you and Alyce to dig out your
However, I did not win the Lottery -- in fact, NO ONE won -- so that means it is now up to 30 million.
Who can even fathom that kind of money?
I mean -- that's like.... half of Justin Beiber's annual salary!

C -- Dang it. I never won! You're right, if I did win, I would be buying a LOT of books.
And beers!
And hamburgers.

Alyce -- Thou art right. I am still poor. On top of the dismay of not winning, I went to a routine dentist appointment today and he ended up extracting a wisdom tooth.
So now I am not only still poor but also LESS INTELLIGENT.

Isabella Kratynski said...

I know what you mean!!! And I find it's the absolute best books that I put off writing about cuz I feel I need to do them justice, and then I end up saying nothing.

Merisi said...

So, how'd the lottery turn out?
Dang old tease.

Thank you from the bottom of my little heart for tipping me off on this new Tim O'Brien book! I'll order it immedialy. I LOVE him. Not only are his books great, he's such a nice guy too (I had the luck of meeting him once in DC, unforgettable - if he ever comes to your area, don't miss him!).

Merisi said...

Oh dear, this is an "old book" - I have not read it, though. I ran to my book shelves, only to discover all my O'Brian books are missing. And I had one signed first edition, among others. When will it ever end, finding out that beloved books are missing?