Monday, October 29, 2012

Splash du Jour: Monday!

Letterman's Top 10
Top 10 Signs You Know Nothing About Foreign Policy


10. You think "Benghazi" is that bald guy who played Gandhi.
9. Always refer to the United Nations as "The UN."
8. Promise that on day 1, you'll stand up to General Tso.
7. You praise Madagascar's hilarious talking animals.
6. You think "Arab Spring" is a brand of soap.
5. Refer to every world leader as "what's his name."
4. You think the G-8 is a hot boy band.
3. Speak to people from other countries with generic "foreign guy" accent.
2. Know Gadhafi was killed, but still worry about Qaddafi, Khadafi, and Khadafy.
1. Made it your mission to prevent Iran from enriching geraniums.

Have a great Monday!

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