Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Splash du Jour: Tuesday

The problem I had with the Kindle when I tried it was, you know, first I had Ann Coulter, then I had Flannery O’Connor. [Laughs.] It’s the same little sheet. It makes everything seem unsubstantial. In my own twisted mind, it makes the words seem more arbitrary, less intrinsically valuable, less substantive if it can just be any words. We could just wipe the slate clean and get Laura Bush’s memoir, and then we could wipe it clean again and get Samuel Beckett. It’s part of that postmodern leveling, and I think people who really care about books feel in their hearts that there is actually a difference between Laura Bush’s memoir and Samuel Beckett. It’s not an elitist argument, it’s that somebody was trying to say something here, and in the other instance, a product has been put out there. So to that extent, I’m resistant to it, but that said, I’m happy with whatever form someone wants to read a book of mine.
-- Jonathan Franzen --

Have a great Tuesday!


Sim Carter said...

I have the same wierd feeling about my NOOK. I love that Franzen is okay with us reading his work in any format though. Funny.

Anonymous said...

My vote will always go to good old fashioned books.

Anonymous said...

Books have an attraction, no matter what is written inside, that a piece of cold electronic gadgetry could never have. Give me a musty second-hand bookshop any day.