Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Early Valentines From Robert

Some of you may recall that I have somewhat chronicled a bit of the details surrounding my Overall Horticultural Ignorance, a while back.
I love plants, but I really don't know that much about them.
I once bought a plant from my local grocery store. 

It was like -- years ago.
I had no intention of buying a plant at the time. 

I was in the store with a fairly basic itinerary and agenda:
Find the hamburger section, and buy some.
But this silly plant caught my eye and so I took him home, naming him Robert Plant before we even got in the elevator together.
I placed him in a certain corner of my kitchen area, where he immediately began climbing the walls. He attaches little sucker things on to the wall [real neat] and just… climbs. 

But after a while I began sensing that he needed more pot.
[Robert Plant needs more pot, go figure! I should have known this from the get-go!]
So I went to Walmart and bought him some dirt and pot.
Since then he's been on a real high. A new lease on life. And I just took this new picture of his upper leaves. Whether there is any rational basis for what I am about to say, or not -- I don't care.
I'm going to interpret the distinct shape of these new leaves as an early Valentine message from my dear roommate, Robert.



Stefanie said...

Robert is looking quite happy! glad the new dirt and pot worked out so well!

Anonymous said...

Robert? valentines? Not the most non feminine scenario.