Thursday, November 08, 2012

Splash du Jour: Thursday

Don't ever apologize to an author for buying something in paperback, or taking it out from a library (that's what they're there for. Use your library). Don't apologize to this author for buying books second hand, or getting them from bookcrossing or borrowing a friend's copy. What's important to me is that people read the books and enjoy them, and that, at some point in there, the book was bought by someone. And that people who like things, tell other people. The most important thing is that people read.
-- Neil Gaiman --

Have a great Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

So true!

By the way, your homie takes off for Vegas today. Watch the news, you might hear about him at some point...!
We'll have to schedule a dinner tête à tête à tête the 3 of us when he's back. Maybe our present dog will lick the inside of your mouth like Bogie did, once upon a time. Don't feel insulted if he doesn't though, he never got to know you as well as Bogie did.