Sunday, December 02, 2012

She Keeps On Ticking...

I think that Timex© should adopt Alice Munro as their spokesperson. 
Because when it comes to writing great short stories, she just "keeps on ticking". I can recall several false retirement announcements from Alice Munro. 
Back in 2006 I even wrote a blog about it. Back then her collection The View From Castle Rock was about to be released and I heard a radio interview with her. At one point she said that she will quit writing "in the interests of a manageable life" and with self-effacing rationale she explained that it is rare for outstanding work to be produced in an author's later years, "so one or two books fewer won't really be anybody's loss." But since then she has published Too Much Happiness [2009] and right now on bookshelves everywhere is a newer one, called Dear Life
Dear Alice -- you love writing far too much to ever quit. So let's not have any more of that "retirement" rigamarole! Your faithful and devoted readers will never tire of you.
As a side note, Dear Friends -- you know, there are 23 days left until Christmas! 
And if any of you feel compelled to get me Alice's new book, well -- I think that would be fantastic, and very Santa-like of you!

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Merisi said...

Thank you for these great news, I love love love Alice Munro! Why she hasn't gotten the Nobel prize is beyond me.

Now, talking of time: have you got any extra to mail me, please? ;-)