Sunday, January 27, 2013

Franzen Can Do No Wrong

I just spent the weekend with this guy's brain.
I'm sorry -- this will be a brief, admittedly beer-induced blog, [Stella Artois, no less] but honestly, I think I must say I have never read a contemporary author who speaks so truly to the human condition than this guy here. Jonathan Franzen.
I'm reading his 2010 novel, Freedom, and it had me awake till 4 a.m. last night. Rarely have I read a stronger story, with better developed characters and flawless dialogue -- more real than any conversation you've ever had.
My third Franzen novel -- and loving it even better than the others. This guy is on the upswing.  It's like Franzen has been reading my diary, and I don't even write one!  

If you have not yet experienced Freedom, just trust me this time around. 
Just get a hold of the damn thing, and it will get a hold of you.

 See, this woman gets it!

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Chicken Nuggets said...

This makes me want to read this book as soon as possible. If it feels like Franzen's writing connects so deeply with you, I would be so happy to experience this. Enjoy the brews.