Thursday, January 03, 2013

The Slowest Read Ever

This book, Fingersmith, by Sarah Waters may yet go down in history as one of my slowest reads ever. 
But not because it is "slow" -- or not a good novel. It's really captivating and terrific. It's ME that is slow! 
I just haven't been reading as much as usual. 
As 2013 kicks in, I hope my current reading lapse is not a sign of things to come. Last year was overall a slow one for me, [not an encouraging signal?] having read a total of only 38 books. 
I know for some of you out there, you read that many in a couple of months. But I'm slow lately.
So don't get me wrong. 
It's not Sarah Waters's fault… not at all. I hope she does not see this blog and stop at the title portion of it!  No, no, I think she is fabulous. I love every book of hers I have read, Affinity being one of my favorite books ever. But a combination of early-onset senility and general distraction has me a bit book-stymied lately.


Alyce said...

I think that just happens sometimes. I look forward to seeing your thoughts on the book when you finish. Good luck with your reading!

Amy said...

This was a slow read for me too when I read it several years ago. Not sure why. There has not been enough reading at my house recently either, and I'm hoping to change that!