Sunday, April 07, 2013

It's Just Technology?

Maybe some of you have noticed that for the past little while I have not been posting anything on my blog. I appreciate the comment from "anonymous" in my last Splash du Jour that suggested that my absence was felt.
My internet was down for a bit. Such an aggravating condition when that happens. Would you agree? It's even more aggravating when the reason it is down is because you called your service provider on an entirely unrelated billing matter, and the next time you try to access the internet, it does not work. As in, a minute after you hang up the phone. Arrrrrgh!
So I called them back immediately and was given the usual runaround -- as though it was something I had done myself. As if in the interim I poured a gallon of milk into my wireless modem or whatever. ACH! So aggravating. At one point the person on the other end said, "I'm sorry sir. It's just technology!"
Just technology? "Yes," I agreed -- "But I am paying for that technology to work properly!"
I finally got them to admit they needed to send a real live technician human being to my apartment -- and by golly -- they did. It's now fixed, and better than ever.
I'm still reading Alan Hollinghurst's latest novel, The Stranger's Child, and really enjoying it even though I'm finding that it is difficult to keep the introduction of so many characters in line. One feels the need to construct a family tree, perhaps.
But it's good, it's good. As was his Booker Prizewinner The Line Of Beauty, back in 2004.
Happy reading, y'all.


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Stefanie said...

Those darn internet providers! And you don't get refunds for the time the service doesn't work. But yet we can't do without them. Glad you got it solved and I hope this means you make more frequent appearances :)