Thursday, June 20, 2013

Anyone Want A Cat?

Has your cat, [or dog, for that matter] ever done something that just made you say, "ARRRRRRGH! You little bugger!" [??]
Tonight I returned to my apartment to shards of glass on the floor.
Apparently my cat Kennedy thought it would be highly reasonable to break my favourite beer glass.
My beloved Duvel glass! The last of its kind [sort of].
You can only buy these things on places like eBay, at exorbitant shipping rates! For well over a decade I have been getting drunk out of this very glass… and really enjoying it!
But no. It's not good enough for Kennedy that I pay the rent here, and feed him, and ensure that his bathroom is clean every morning before I leave for work! No. He has to push my all-time favourite and one-of-a-kind beer glass from the edge of my desk and shatter the thing.
Mind you, I did have him neutered EXACTLY a week ago, last Thursday.
Maybe this is his way of saying, "Hey, thanks a lot, Dad! You know, I did have plans to actually put those things to use one day! So... every seven days I'm going to do something like this! 

Or worse!" 

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