Saturday, June 01, 2013

Shadow Days

Everyone knows I am in love with John Mayer, right? I mean, hell -- I even wrote a poem about him a few weeks ago. I just love his music so much -- somehow he is just always able to speak to my situation, both in his lyrics and his music.
Lately, I've been experiencing recurring bouts of really being down. If I was a person of just a few percentage points less of a strong constitution, I would be in a state of clinical depression, really.
But once again -- just listening to my iTunes on a damp, dreary [lonely] Saturday night, Mayer is yet able to speak to me through a song -- and give me some hope. Make me stay on this side of yonder balcony, if you know what I mean. 

After all, shadows mean there is light somewhere, right? So -- thank you, John Mayer.
The significance of his first line is not lost on me tonight -- 

Did you know that you could be wrong, and swear you're right?

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