Saturday, July 13, 2013

Spring Cleaning in July

I inherited a certain element of pack-ratism from my dad! 
For sure. He saved EVERYTHING!
I find it very difficult to throw things away. But every two years or so I go on a purge of apartment cleaning, and find stuff that is so…. useless! Especially old empty boxes from things I have bought in the interim. It's crazy how it all stockpiles! Then, there I am, making trip after trip down to the cardboard recycle bin in the garage of my building.
Today is one of those cleaning days. Purging.
So --- I reached into the nether-regions of my closet and retrieved this huge file box containing every essay I ever wrote in my college days. Some of you may be aware that I [in the late '80's] studied for four years full-time and received, in 1991, a bachelor degree in Theology [of all the incredibly non-practical things one might have studied]! 

I graduated with honours.
I was dang serious about it.
But, I am realizing today that I am never going to consult upon, or really use the information stored in this box. My first clue was the fact that it has sat there in that corner of the closet for 20 years now, without me once ever thinking about it. I would rather have back the space it all occupies! 

So, it's going down to the recycle bin tonight!
As I looked through it all for the past hour, the thing of most interest to me was finding all the notes passed back and forth between myself and Heather, a wonderful girl I flirted with for four years to no real effect. For some reason I kept those notes. She gave up on me and my reticent ways, and ended up marrying a fellow student.
Apparently my procrastination issues apply to more than spring cleaning!



Stefanie said...

I am not much of a pack rat but I did save notes and essays from college. Even moved halfway across the country with them! But five years after that move and finding them in a box I had forgotten about, to the recycle bin they went. I haven't missed them.

Anonymous said...

It struck me that such note passing likely no longer ever happens. they text each other instead, I'm sure. All those lost notes of flirting and such.
So sad.

Cipriano said...

Stefanie -- sometimes one must just get rid of old stuff that is no longer useful. Unless one has a real large basement -- which I do not. I recently threw out about 300 cassette tapes of music, realizing umm..... I do not have a cassette player. [As Holden Caulfield might say... "Who does?"]

"C" -- yes. I agree. Why send notes when you can text? However, since I am such a techno-dinosaur, were I in the same scenario again, I would have to still send notes! I don't have a cell-phone.
I know, I know.... call the men in the blue suits!