Sunday, December 01, 2013

Thinking of My Dad

Today was a really quiet day for me -- a time to reflect. Maybe it was the way some snow fell real gently outside, yet it was not cold out. Or windy.
I did some Christmas shopping -- mostly books, and even one for me -- and then afterwards I stopped at another store to buy wrapping paper. I was already in the lineup to pay when I glanced at the chocolate bar section and saw this Bounty. It made me miss my dad. 

In 12 days, it will be 14 years since he passed away.
He was a salesman and spent a lot of time on the road. So often when he would come home from… wherever… he would have chocolate bars for my younger sister and me. It is a fond memory of mine, as a kid. It just made me feel good, I guess, to know he was thinking of us. Plus I liked chocolate bars.
He liked them, too. And this was one of his favorites. Bounty.
I hadn't seen that bar anywhere for so long -- I'm surprised they still make them. The main ingredient is coconut. And when you tear it open, there are two of them in there. Maybe that was a part of his thinking… he knew I would give him half of it?
Sweet memories, today, of my sweet dad. 



Merisi said...

It is interesting what cholts our memory, isn't it?
A madeleine, a Bounty bar (I love them, and I used to get always a couple of them from my children's trick and treating loot - they never liked Bounty).

My dad passed away way too young, and knowing he had not live through losing his youngest daughter is strange sort of comfort. My mum passed away this past summer. I am still walking into the kitchen at times, thinking I shall call her, and realizing just as I finished the thought, that there's no one on the other ende of the line anymore.

Merisi said...

Oh dear, I wanted to write "jolts" and not a non-existent word. Messed up language center syndrome.