Thursday, January 02, 2014

The Ocean Is Calling Me...

Just a note to say that I may not be around on my blog much in the near future -- I am off to Mexico. I will still be here in what might as well be Antarctica tomorrow, but after that, I will be somewhere very near to this picture, because this is a photo from the very resort where I will be lounging around for a week like a beached… Canadian.
Please pray for me as I sometimes have been known to abuse the "free unlimited booze" privileges a bit at these all-inclusive deals. As soon as they snap that plastic bracelet around my wrist, I'm pretty much out of control! I've never been more desperately in need of a solid sun-drenched vacation than right now. And so -- the timing is perfect. A great way to kick off 2014.
Vive le Corona!



Danielle said...

Oh, lucky lucky you! Soak up some of that sunshine for me. Monday the hig is supposed to be 0! Nothing like a -30F walk to work in the dark. I will have to find a book with a tropical setting to keep me warm! :)

K said...

I hope you have a really great trip.