Friday, February 28, 2014

Splash du Jour: Friday

I want to post this clip because I think it is really liberating, what one of my favourite writers [Andre Dubus III]  has to say, about writing.
See, I always doubt that I am a writer. The only place I am "published", is on my own blogpage. But I will never forget what Billy Collins did for me, as a poet. He is a poet. Many of you will be familiar with him. But when I myself discovered Billy Collins the experience unleashed for me, my own inner poet. He took away the fear of writing poetry. And he made me realize that anything worth communicating or expressing, thought-wise, and if felt deeply, stretched out into lines and stanzas, could be a potential poem.
And a similar thing has happened for me in my discovery of Andre Dubus III, with respect to prose writing in general. It's not about perfection, nor is it about being published. It's about the act itself.
Take the less-than-two-minutes to watch this clip -- perhaps it will invigorate you also. I just love what he says at the very end, and you have to listen closely to catch it: "You're already a writer."

Have a great Friday!

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Stefanie said...

If you write, you are a writer. Keep writing Cip!