Friday, March 21, 2014

All Good Things Come To An End...

Well, it's been pretty much a very excellent four full days of fun and frolic.
Lots of calories. Lots of calories.
But all good things come back to reality, at some point.
Tomorrow morning we have to get up and get out of here, but wow, it has been grand.
This is the view -- a part of it, from here on the 27th floor of The Hilton in Toronto, just across from The Sheraton, yonder. Definitely this must remain an annual event in my calendar. So relaxing.
One thing different than other times I have taken a week off, I did not get a lot of reading done.
Hope you have all had a nice first day of spring. Will this winter ever finally now end?
I had breakfast today at a favourite Toronto restaurant called Fran's, across from Massey Hall. There was a countdown on a screen, heralding the arrival of spring, and I had my face half-buried in a 3-egg-omelette when the waiter came around and announced that it was officially spring. Which was at one o'clock.

Gives you an idea of when I woke up, in the first place. Ahhh, holidays!

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Stefanie said...

So glad you had a relaxing vacation! And yes, spring, finally! Winter and spring are still battling it out in Minneapolis, but spring is starting to get the upperhand. Here's to warm sunny days ahead!