Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Posh, The Bookless Babe!

In the tradition of true confessions that should never be actually spoken.... I am going to admit that I actually like (liked) The Spice Girls.
I found them to be very.... spicy.
I’m not kidding. I really like several of their songs, and I have every one of Mel C.’s solo CD’s.
[She was Sporty Spice. For the record, I am secretly pseudo in-love with her and Andrea Corr...]
So it was with a touch of chagrined Literary Horror that I read a little blurb in the paper today about Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Posh Spice (pictured here in all of her red-hot spiciness).
She claims she has never read a book.
Did you hear me?

She has never splashed in bookpuddles?
I am so......... disillusioned.
I am not kidding, she told a Spanish journalist she prefers magazines and music even though she has her name on the cover of one autobiography.
According to the Daily Mail she said: "I haven't read a book in my life. I haven't got enough time. I prefer to listen to music, although I do love fashion magazines."
In the interview with Chic magazine she also revealed she would like to have more children - and is hoping to have a girl.
She said: "I can imagine myself painting her nails, helping her with her make-up, choosing clothes with her."
[I guess we can rule out the image of Mommy Posh reading Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince to Child-Posh while daddy does that thing where you bounce soccer balls from knee to knee and shoulder to shoulder?]

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