Saturday, November 11, 2006

I'm a Beta-Blogger

Hey, I bit the bullet [after eating a hamburger] and became a beta-blogger.
The new upgraded blog format.
--- Let's see what happens!
--- Cip



Cold Molasses said...

Looks good! By the way, it's no longer "beta"...your in the real thing.

I'd like to see all your blog entries categorized/ labelled...hmmm, you could have a category on books, on funnies, on slash du jours, on flatulance, etc.

May said...

Unfortunately it took me ages to open this comment window, as it happens with most beta-blogs.
Luckily, I still can read posts.

cipriano said...

Hmmm... I am not sure why it took a while to open. I'll ask around and see if this is the case for other visitors to The Puddle!

Yes Cold Mol.
I would love to learn how to do this "labelling" thing. Would I have to take a course?
Perhaps I could fit this in, between my BKA meetings!
[Burger King Anonymous].

May said...

[At the third trial the window opened]. It happens wil all betas, not just yours.

Alexandra said...

Lead and beef, good combo, did it come with the inevitable fries and a diet coke? lol!

Cold Molasses said...

No delay for me Cip...and as for labeling, if you go in to edit one of your previous blogs, you'll see a little bar at the bottom of the screen where you can enter a description/label. Just do that for each blog entry and they will be categorized. Go ahead...print yourself a just did the full course load.

cipriano said...

Wow Cold Mol. That sounds totally neat-o. For that reason alone the switchover would be worth it, but what I like most [I think] is the new lack of need to "republish entire blog" when posting new ones. I will now have to categorize my blogs and there are about 750 of them on bookpuddle alone.

Too bad you cannot make the Entmoot this evening.
You shall be missed.
Happy studying to you.
-- Cip