Monday, November 20, 2006

Splash du Jour: Monday

It’s true I did get the girl, but then my grandfather always said, ‘Even a blind chicken finds a few grains of corn now and then.’
-- Lyle Lovett, on marrying Julia Roberts –

I cannot tell if Lovett’s statement is a compliment, or an insult, to Julia.
‘A few grains of corn’?
And the real question I have is this: → Wasn’t she the one that was most likely blind?

Have a great Monday!



May said...

She eventually fell out of love with him very quickly and got herself a sexy cowboy.

cipriano said...

Good point, May!
You're right. It wasn't long before Erin Broccoli realized she had married a cauliflower.

May said...

I did understand the pun - it wasn't easy for a foreigner.

External beauty should not count too much but there is a limit to it.