Monday, January 29, 2007

Splash du Jour: Monday

When I get in the sun I get very tanned.
You can't tell me from the native fishermen in Hawaii or Mexico.
-- Desi Arnaz –

Have a great Monday, all!
I am gone.
I am on my way to Mexico!


patricia said...

Have a wonderful (and safe!) trip!

Stefanie said...

That is a fantastic picture. Have a great trip!

Carl V. said...

Hilarious!!! Have a wonderful vacation and don't lose your sombraro!

may said...


cipriano said...

Thank you all!
I am having a BLAST!
I won a Karaoke contest last night.
I am considering going para-sailing and getting over my utter fear of heights WHILE puking all over the ocean!
- Cipriano

May said...

Fear of heights, I know what it is. But there will be water under your feet, should the rope breake because you've eaten too much.

So you're becoming a Showman! I hope that someone took a video of your performance (to share with us).

Isabella said...

What song did you karaoke? Will you podcast? Are you sober yet?

patricia said...

And more importantly...have you taken off your hat yet?