Sunday, January 28, 2007

"What happens in Mexico..."

There is no one that deserves a vacation right now, more than I do.
And I know what you are thinking.
You are thinking that you deserve one, too.
And you probably do, there is no doubt of that.
It’s just that I need one MORE than you do.
And so I am going on one.

In less than 24 hours from now.

I am all packed away and ready to go, as soon as I have a bit of sleep here.
Tomorrow I will be in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico.
Here is a picture of the hotel that I will be staying at.

It’s called the Riu Vallarta.
Here is a great little slide show of the place.
I cannot wait to gorge myself on the 24-hour, round-the-clock all-inclusiveness of the resort, and also the Riu Jalisco, which we are allowed to walk to and destroy our livers at!
I’m taking a pager, just so I can reach for it and fling it into the ocean when it rings.
No, actually I am just kidding. That wouldn’t be very environmentally responsible of me.
[I will bury it in the sand, instead.]

I am meeting other members of my family there. We will all be in the air at the same time, departing from all corners of Canada, and arriving within hours of each other.
In my last phone conversation with my sister, hours ago, she said she is leaving the following message on her fridge door, “What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico!”
I like that!

So I am just writing to let regular readers of Bookpuddle know that I may not be around much during the next week or so.
Any posting I do will have to be based on two important factors:
# 1) My sobriety.
# 2) Computer access.

For reading material, I am taking a little something from the year 1830.
Stendhal’s, The Red and the Black.
Always into the bestsellers. That’s me!

-- Cip



Cold Molasses said...

Cip, have a great vacation! Do something all-inclusive for the rest of us sorry souls stuck in minus a bizzilion degrees!

cipriano said...

Will do!
I know.
Back here.... it will be Colder than Molasses in January! [so to say!]
-- Cip

Dorothy W. said...

Have a great time!