Sunday, February 18, 2007


Just a few brief words about this incredible story.
I read it this weekend.
First time.
I know. That is incredible, huh? Most of you, I would venture to say ¾’s of the readers reading this, have read Arthur Miller’s Death Of A Salesman in high school, am I right?
Or college? Or under some other forcible confinement?
Well, at the age of 43, in a state of total freedom, I finally picked it up.
It is so amazing, such a great, evocative drama. I would love to see it performed live. This is now a goal of mine. The only other Miller play I have read is The Crucible, and I loved that, but this thing…. Salesman, is a masterpiece.
A magnum opus.
Is there really much need for me to present a synopsis? You all pretty much know the story, you readaholic brainiacs!
All I will say is that I was moved, even to tears, at times.
Death Of A Salesman!
Not just for high school!



Stefanie said...

It is an excellent play. Glad you "discovered" it! If you can't see it live, there is a great old black and white of it. I can't remember who's in it, just that it's good.

cipriano said...

I will try to find a DVD of Salesman.
The story really got to me!
All the best, Stefanie.

Anonymous said...

Fredrick March?

Isabella said...

I've thus far gone through school and life without having read it. Maybe when I'm 43.