Saturday, February 17, 2007

No More PAGES!

Some of you may recall that I once wrote a blog about my discovery of this great magazine called PAGES.
Well, as a result of my bloggifying, a friend of mine purchased a gift-subscription of the magazine, and I subsequently received my first issue.
<-- The same one as seen here, in the photo.
Yesterday, however, I came home from work to hear the following voice message on my phone.
NOTE: While this is not a verbatim transcript, it is very close to the actual wording…..

“Yeah, so remember that magazine I subscribed you to? [← My friend is a grammarian, not.] Uh-huh. Well, I got something from them in the mail today. It said: ‘Dear Subscriber. Thank you for your interest in PAGES. However, we regret to inform you that the magazine no longer frigging exists! We apologize for how this will now probably make you hate your friend for whom you purchased this subscription.”

Then my buddy eloquently offered his personal benediction:
“YOU MORON! There were probably only three people in the entire universe that subscribed to this thing! You, and two others. And I might as well have flushed $50.00 down the crapper! That’s it. I am never buying you anything again! Especially none of your geeky literary stuff!”

Apparently there was no refund of monies paid!
No pro-rated rebate, based on tread wear.
No compensation, for PAGES undelivered!



danielle said...

Sorry to hear this! I just recently bought that issue you show. Another book magazine down the tubes. It's pretty sucky your friend isn't going to get his money back. I'm glad that I decided to subscribe to Bookmarks instead. But now that I say that watch they will fold, too!

Cleo said...

I'm one of the other two, and I'm NOT happy. I sub to Bookmarks as well, but it's not of the same quality as Pages was.