Monday, March 12, 2007

Splash du Jour: Monday

The two Alice books by Lewis Carroll are the finest literary fantasies ever written. They will last forever, and the Harry Potter books are going to wind up in the rubbish bin. The first six volumes have sold, I am told 350 million copies. I know of no larger indictment of the world's descent into subliteracy.
-- Harold Bloom –

Have a great Monday!


Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Who in the world is Harold Bloom?
I read the first three Potter books and if descent into subliteracy is that entertaining, I'll gladly take the ride. ;-)

Stefanie said...

Ah Harold, such a cuddly curmudgeon.

cipriano said...

Merisi dear... Harold Bloom is probably the mostest pre-eminent literary critic of our current and last century. Oh yes, plus... [little known factoid].... he is also the inventor of the Ginsu-knife©.
You know?
The knife that can cut up your tennis shoes and immediately afterward slice up a wafer-thin tomato?
Harold! He is an all-purpose genius, the guy!

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Please take my words in jest, as they were meant to be. Sorry!
Every now and then I look Him up, to compare my reading with his canon, interesting, but I do not take it as religion. ;-)

danielle said...

You know he secretly reads all the Harry Potter books. He just needs to keep up his reputation, so he can't admit to it.

Cleo said...

Anyone who can write a fascinating book that entices hundreds of thousands of children, teens and adults to read ANYTHING, much less an 800 page tome gets a big hats off as far as I'm concerned. You can seduce them with Harry, then gently slide them Alice or maybe some L'Engle and next thing you know they're asking to borrow your Fagles translation of The Odyssey and they say it was pretty good so now can they read the Iliad by that same guy? It has happened and it is a very good thing!