Monday, April 09, 2007

Cute, but Pukes!

Last night.
I’m in a hurry.
All weekend I was kind of holed up in this apartment. I was beginning to look like that Una-bomber guy, you know? When they finally found him?
So I shave, shower. Exfoliate. → See here.
All that jazz.
I’m pretty much spruced-up!
Went to put on my bestest shoes?
Not quite right.
I look.
The left shoe is like filled with congealed cat-vomit!
What would you do?
I changed my socks and put on my running shoes and left. I was late.
But seriously, what would you do?
I mean… Jack is way too cute to throw over the balcony.
But he has this thing about puking in my shoes, and…. the joke is getting old.
Not funny.
For more than you EVER wanted to know about the perils of cat-puke, click YONDER!


Anonymous said...

You could get him his own pair of shoes.
Remember, you are a guest in his apartment.

cipriano said...

You know?
A great idea.
And the first time he sets them out there..... cute little cat shoes? I'M PUKING IN THEM!
Big time!

SFP said...

Where would he puke if you put your shoes somewhere where he couldn't get to them? Mine like high traffic areas since they know we like to go barefoot, although Nicky once puked in my hair while I was asleep.

Beth said...

I guess I should be grateful that our dog chooses to barf in the living room. Although I'd prefer the kitchen.
What's up with animals? How do they come up with such favourite spots to puke?

Stefanie said...

My sister's cat likes to puke in her shoes. My dearly departed kitty used plan all his puking for the middle of the night just to make sure my husband or I would step in it barefoot on the way to the bathroom or would forget it was there and step in it first in the morning.

Matt said...

I'm glad that George has learned to barf at the right place, in the kitchen, and not all over my books.

cipriano said...

Susan, I DO put my shoes up at an out-of-puke range, but this one time I forgot! I guess it was too tempting for Jack!

I don't know what it is Beth, with animals and puke! They love it!

Stefanie, it's comforting to know I am not the only one. There is solace. Others suffer, too.
But yeah, I've stepped in catpuke in the morning. It is PROFOUNDLY disturbing!

Matt, how did you train him?
To me, the perfect cat pukes in his litterbox. Or better yet, the toliet. And flushes!

Matt said...

Oh, did I tell you that George is a yellow labrador? :)

I took him to school.