Monday, April 23, 2007

Shakespeare & Jesus

Well, it is wrong to say that Shakespeare is my “favorite” author.
It is much more correct to say that I think he is the “BEST” author ever.
For me to say he is my “favorite”… it just doesn’t seem right.
But he is definitely the Reigning King of my Literary Affections.
Who could ever dethrone him. Come on, now. Who?
Dan Brown?
It’s like saying…… who is going to make a better coffee than Starbucks?
You know?
There are some things, about which, we must forever remain gravely serious.
One of these is coffee.
Is like…. is GOD going to open a coffee place and put Starbucks out of business?
See what I mean? See how quickly the whole argument caves in on itself?

Shakespeare is the best.
And today is his birthday.
So I did a little dance with Jack [my cat], sipped some Shiraz with him over on the couch… then, [while he puked up a wine-soaked hairball into my shoes] I thought I’d saunter over here to the laptop and say a few words about my Willy!

The Bard is 443 years old today.
That’s a bit old.
I remember wandering through Cathedral Grove© , on Vancouver Island once.
Cathedral Grove has these trees in there and they are like [honestly]... almost a millennium old!
You cannot see the tops of them. 'Specially if you forgot your glasses back there in the car. You're not going to even see those tops!
I have hugged some of the elderly trees, while thinking in my mind, “Oh, Tree. You were totally well into being a tree while Shakespeare wrote every one of his plays. I love you, Mr. Tree.”
Call the loony-wagon, I know. [I’ve got the number right here on a fridge-magnet if you need it. And my phone is set on re-dial anyway!]

I’m just telling you stuff.
I don’t ever recall making any sort of promise that it was supposed to "make sense."
Oh… but I did promise once, recently, to be "relevant."
I am still violently breaking that promise, with tonight’s posting.

What can I say?
Cut my Willy in half and count the rings.
That is a LOT!

Here is a poem I once wrote, at least over a decade ago, about Shakespeare:

Shakespeare And Jesus
(A Summary Of Perspective)

Shakespeare said our last scene would be
A type of “second childishness,” senility
Or Futility personified... And to oblivion
“sans everything”
we’d go.

“Not so,”

Said another Man (more distinguished than he)
Who spoke of a “second birth,” immortality
Or Purpose glorified... And of a kingdom
where everything
was so.

Said one, the world’s a stage
On which we slowly die...
And One, the world’s a cage
From which we soon... fly.

© Ciprianowords Inc. 2007

In summation?
I love Shakespeare.
And I love Jesus, too.

No matter what fans of Dan Brown [and their ilk] may say, Shakespeare is still the best author, way better than Jesus, even.
And Jesus is still the best……. Jesus-figure ever!
Way better than Shakespeare!

-- Cip


Isabella said...

Exactly how much shiraz have you had this fine evening?

cipriano said...

Fust a jew bittles.
Nuthin' nuthin' more... the corks?
The corks ell o'er the flore? They wuz ther afore!
I [hiccup] sware......

Merisi said...

That's a very fine poem (subtitle: Before Shiraz! *g*).
I love Shira ... ahem ... Shakespeare to no end. I haven't read Dannyboy, but he sounds like a cheap affair compared to the Master.
As far as Shiraz is concerned, I used to drink Shiraz (only Australian, sold at Trader Joe's, the French one is only more expensive, but no comparision in taste, imo).
In jest (or not. no. not),

Bybee said...

Forgive this question, but are you Eric? I went to school with a guy named Cipriano. And he was smart and funny. Well, you're probably not even that old. Maybe you're young enough to be the son of this person.
Happy Shakespeare's Birthday!

cipriano said...

Merisi: Thank you for reading. Yeah... I really shouldn't diss Mr. Brown, I haven't even read the guy.
Isn't that terrible?

Bybee: Nope, I am not Eric Clapton.

Beth said...

Loved the post - loved the poem.