Monday, April 23, 2007

Splash du Jour: Monday

"What's gone and what's past help Should be past grief."
-- The Winter's Tale (III, ii, 223-224) --

The remarkable thing about Shakespeare is that he is really very good - in spite of all the people who say he is very good.
-- Robert Graves (1895 - 1985) --
The Bard turns a ripe 443 years old today! Happy Birthday, William!

Have a great Monday!


Arukiyomi said...

heh heh that's a great Graves quote...

did Graves really live between those dates. You couldn't plan that could you!

Professor Howdy said...

Man that's old...

cipriano said...

Darn tootin' Howdy.
That's a LOT of candles!
I LOVE that dancing croc/'gator avatar!

And John [arukiyomi]... funny, I had not noticed the dates thing till you mentioned it. But yeah. Weirdness.
Using the same kind of number-jumbling, myself being born in 1963.... my date of death should be... umm.... 1693! When Shakespeare was a mere 129.
Holy cow, I should be dead already.

Hey all, by the way. Click on John's "Arukiyomi" link there if you want to see what is, in my opinion, the best looking book website in history. Really nice.
When Bookpuddle grows up ["Eat your damn veggies" I keep telling him] I want him to look something like that!