Friday, April 20, 2007

Splash du Jour: Friday

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Seeing that a clear 4/5ths of his wretched species was already wiped out, Friday Morning began to softly whistle a tune and slink away.
But King Bookpuddle, ever vigilant, spied Friday’s backside weaving through the gathered townsfolk.
“Alack Brother Albert! Posthaste! Trip that ‘scaping weekday in black!” cried the King, even as he leapt the balustrade of the Palace balcony and strode toward the East Gate, where Albert proudly stood upon Friday’s ragged coattails. And as he advanced, the King unfurled a scroll and read the following. Clear. And loud!
“For sundry nefarious crimes involving Clocks of Alarum and other such indecent Devices of Sleep Disturbance, we, the citizens of the newly formed Land of Weekendia© , sentence you to….” [several cries of “death,” or “hanging,” or “drawn and quartered” or “burning at the stake” were heard as the King paused, and finally spoke the judgment…] “ETERNAL BANISHMENT!”

Friday was hurled forth and the Gate shut against his return.
The people, with one voice shouted, “O King! We would have preferred dismemberment and perhaps burning at the stake, but you are Merciful and Great and we shall start building the Statue soon, some afternoon and not morning!”
All in all, things turned out VERY well.

Saturday and Sunday, pictured here to the left, lived in the Palace along with the King.
And from that day forward, no one, from King to peasant, had to wake up early.
Every day [ahem! The King clears his throat]… was either Saturday… or Sunday!
As it were.
[P.S. Stanley and Hag #1 were married, shortly after the events herein described.]

Have a great… WEEKEND!


Beth said...

"As it were." Hmm.
Well, the King's going to have a great weekend for sure - Saturday and Sunday.

cipriano said...

Amen to that!