Friday, April 20, 2007

New Coffeemaker

Yesterday I got a new coffeemaker.
← This one, right here.
It rocks.
My last coffeemaker was faithful. Gotta admit, the thing had some life in it yet.
But it was drooling.
Going senile, basically. Sometimes it wandered. And mumbled. Grabbed the remote and flicked to the Lawrence Welk show!
I was finding little pools of water leaking out of it, onto the countertop. I did not even want to FIND the source. Just kept putting paper towels under the thing.
Confession: In my entire lifetime I have only bought three coffeemakers. First a Melitta© . We had a wonderful relationship, me and my Melitta. Over a decade. All through college, she served me a fine brew.
Then I had a Braun© . We were together for about 12 years. But like I was saying above, the Braun went senile.
Last night, buying groceries at the Supermarket, I was just about to leave the place. Pushing my bachelor-cart stacked high with future microwavable-meals, [and melting fast]….. I yet paused at the home appliances section.
There, a host of coffeemakers showed me their ankle!
Did you know that Betty Crocker© has a coffeemaker?
There was the Black and Decker© . And the Sunbeam© .
And the Braun© . Fancy carafes and all. So many choices.
This one [above] caught my eye. The President’s Choice© brand.
I’m all over it.
Threw one on my cart, atop the mountain of Swanson© products!

And this morning?
OK, I have never made a finer java!
I’m impressed. It has a special feature. If you hit this one button, it will make a more robust brew for just one to four cups.
I love that word.... ROBUST!

OK, I PROMISE, next time I write on this blog I will try and say something about BOOKS, instead of….. PUDDLES….. caused by ancient coffeemakers!
-- Cip!


Lisa said...

MMMm Coffee.. I have a keurig one cup coffee maker, I love it so much.

Beth said...

Nothing like a great cup of coffee in the morning (at home, not at Starbucks) to get you pumped for the day.
I'm surprised you haven't bought a Starbucks coffee maker. Too much work to make those lattes, I guess. And then there's that social thing you'd miss if you don't actually go to Starbucks.

Matt said...

I like the fact that barista puts a personal touch with my latte--the nonfat milk, the foam but not too foamy texture, the rosetta design... I don't remember how hong since I've had my coffee-maker at home. It's a Braun.