Monday, April 16, 2007

Splash du Jour: Monday

When King Bookpuddle awoke, he placed the Crown on his royal head and made his way to the balcony, where down below, the thousands had assembled to await his Morning Decree©.
Sceptre high, he cleared his throat and bellowed:
“As of this day and henceforward, I hereby abolish all weekdays, beginning with the worst of them all, Monday!”
The crowd, with one voice, cheered and fell upon their faces crying, “Long live the King! Long live the King!”

Have a great……… never mind!


Lisa said...

Long Live the King!

(will you call and tell my boss this, please?)

Stefanie said...

Love the beard Cip, and the crown is very becoming :)

Beth said...

When does Tuesday go? And Wednesday?
The ramifications of your decree boggles the mind.

cipriano said...

I already called.
Know what he said? It was embarassing as hell. First of all, he had no clue who I was, even! ['Da noive a'da guy!]
He was all... "King WHAT?"
And I was all... "I hereby tell you that Lisa requests the rest of her life off from wor...."
And he was like... "You tell that scrawny little ***** to get her [censored] in here this very minute!"
He said that the only "King" he respects is the Burger King! And then he hung up on me!

Stefanie & Beth.... thank you my dear vassals, for not only your assent, but for assuming that I am worthy of your asscribed homage!

I'm "working" on getting Tuesday thrown into the Pit of Forgetfulness.
Workin' on it!
One day at a time...
One day at a time...

Lisa said...

Huh. He was very convincing in his arguement that no "King" had called...