Sunday, April 15, 2007

Adventures in Duckfarming: Part 2


Remember the ducklings?
They’ve grown a lot in the past two weeks, as you can see in the above photo, taken at an Amway convention they attended earlier this afternoon.
Oh, how fast they grow up!
[One of them has already expressed an interest in “borrowing the car.”]
Remember what they looked like, just two weeks ago?
Yep, my friend sure picked a fine peck of speckled peepers!

Then there is this guy.
He lives at the same compound as do the ducks. It’s a veritable varmint sanctuary, called Ace High Acres© .

His name is RP.
Short for Richard Parker. That’s right. Like the tiger in Life of Pi.
RP shares the same overall mailing address with that orange cat,
But RP’s got the better digs. He’s the indoor cat!
You’d think with his god-like powers Zeus would have found a way to be allowed to stay indoors, but no!
Banished to the wilderness, Zeus spends all his free time trying to find a clandestine way to roast one of those duckies without getting caught by the dreaded, [seemingly omniscient] broom-toting Duckmistress.



Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

They sure are sweet (and still no piercings, wow!).
Do cats lust after ducklings (I often had to scare away a bird catcher in our Washington DC backyard)?
I am sure you know Robert McCloskey's "Make Way for Ducklings", a Caldecott classic. I must have read it hundreds of times to my kids, they loved it so much. Living in DC, we had several close and personal encounters with wild ducks insisting of breeding in an urban environment. The pond in front of the Federal Reserve Building has been the childhood home to several ducklings over the years, and at my husband's office one year a duck family simply moved in on a sixth floor terrace. Mother and young ones got escorted twice daily down the elevator to the next pond and back.

Stefanie said...

Those lucky ducklings to have such good care. And RP has the prettiest blue eyes.

cipriano said...

Cats definitely lust after ducklings, Merisi.
My own cat, Jack, being confined to the 14th floor here, he lusts after pigeons.
I am inundated with pigeons.
But yes, all cats are like way into birds.
As in, wanting to eat and/or torture them.
Sometimes, the way Jack launches right into the window here, falling on the floor and then giving me that LOOK.... I'm sure he would have made the same leap of faith had he seen an OSTRICH walking by, out there.
Something about birds. Drives the cats wild!

Stefanie. Those ducks don;t know how good they have it.
She's the best Duckmistress ever. And yeah, RP is a WICKED hottie.