Monday, April 30, 2007

Splash du Jour: Monday

Well friends, today is the 2nd Blogiversary of Bookpuddle!
Two years of bloggitry.
Has it really been that long?
Wow! It seems like just yesterday I looked over at my roomate [we were living in an old fridge-box under the overpass] and said, “A blog? What’s a BLOG?”
And now look! I’m totally off crack! I have my own apartment, and a cat with severe gastro-intestinal problems [He pukes in my shoes on a daily basis!]
And, perhaps best of all, I’m famous.
I’ve been asked to star in a movie opposite Nicole Kidman! ← Actually that’s not true.
I’ve appeared on Oprah! ← Umm…. not really true.
I’ve been cited by Harold Bloom in his most recent book on….. ← So way not true that the sentence is not worthy of completion.

In all seriousness though, I have posted 965 blogs in this past two years.
I have had 32,300 hits at my site.
These 32,300 hits are all coming from about 15 devoted Puddlers, one of which is me. And my cat!
So to my devotees, The Wonderful Baker’s Dozen©, I thank you all for clicking on Bookpuddle from time to time.
All 13 of you!
If you are here right now, for instance, reading this, I have two final things to say:

1) I like you! 2) Have a great Monday!



Lisa said...

You just had to mention Monday.

Congratulations on two years.

Isabella said...

Congratulations, Cip!

I have every confidence that the year ahead will bring forth such spectacular blogging from you that Harold Bloom will not dare deny your existence.

May said...

Keep on enjoying writing, reading and living as you have done in the past forty-something years.

Beth said...

Two years of bloggitry!! (Actually, that sounds somewhat obscene...)
Congratulations and Happy Birthday - from one of your devotees.
I like you, too!
(Wonder what you were like on crack? Guess I'll never know.)

stefanie said...

Woo hoo! Hip! Hip! Hooray! Happy 2 year blogiversary!

Dorothy W. said...

Congratulations on two years! That's great -- so glad you are blogging!

Matt said...

Happy blogiversary Cip. :)

Rumor has it that Starbucks has honored your blog as well. ;)

Brad said...

Happy blogiversary!! I am looking forward to many more years of your wisdom and entertainment.

cipriano said...

Thank you, one and all, for your lovely comments and wishes.
I look forward to many more years of Crack-Free Bloggation!

Cold Molasses said...

Happy Anniversary bookpuddle!!!

Here's the question...will bookpuddle get Happy A's from 13 different readers??? Stay tuned bookpuddle nation...stay tuned!!!

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Congratulation, Cip!
(Short on time today, but back every day, anyway *g*)

SFP said...

Oh, no! Your blog has reached the terrible twos!

Happy blogiversary, Cip.

cipriano said...

Thank you, once again, for all of your comments.
Yes, Susan. My blog is in the training pants stage. The terrible twos.
Cold Mol.... two more comments, and I am at my Baker's Dozen.
O Come All Ye Faithful!

All the best to you Merisi!

Anonymous said...

Here's one of the two for you, Cold Mo...of course, how do we know that you are not writing this and signing off as anonymous, cipriano?

Clever thing that you are.

I join the throng in saying, (Belated) Happy Blogiversary to you! And many more.

danielle said...

Happy Blogiversary to you! I think Starbucks should give you a free coffee of your choice since they get such good mentions here! And your cat--that's just a way of showing you his love. You must talk to him about not being so demonstrative in the future! :)

joemmama said...

I discovered your terrific blog a few months ago and visit every day! Congrats on your 2nd year of bloggitry!

patricia said...

Oh dear! I came to the party late! That's because I've been busy painting my garden shed. Mea culpa!

Happy Blog Birthday, Cip! Many happy returns (and many happy hits!)

And I'm sure Mr. Bloom is just late in sending his card to you in the mail...

cipriano said...

To one and all, thank you for your well-wishes.
I look forward to many more years of insane blogging!
Thank you for reading!
-- Cip, the Insomniac

Cleo said...

Happy 2nd Cip. May your enlightening bloggitry, fueled by Starbucks, continue unabated. You rock...