Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Splash du Jour: Tuesday

A brave lad [this is him, right here] raised himself from the dust, and cried out:
“King Bookpuddle, I beseech thee. Unworthy though I be, may I personally fling the early morning of Tuesday into the bubbling Slough Of Intense Horridness© yonder?”
A hush fell upon the multitude...
“You may, indeed, young Geoffrey,” declared the King, adding, “And select from among you one you feel may be sufficiently equipped in body and soul to instruct me as to what the hell to do with Wednesday!”
And the people cried, “You are great, oh King. Even magnificent, as it were!”

Have a great…. never mind!


bookbabie said...

It is a lousy Tuesday morning this week, that's for sure. I much prefer the slow news mornings of yore.

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

I made some lunchtime photos to cheer you up.

Beth said...

I think you've fouled up my week with this theme.
I'm a day ahead of myself - and I think that's because you eliminated Monday.
If I miss an appointment, it's on your crown...