Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Splash du Jour: Wednesday

Geoffrey stood and pointed to his best friend Stanley, the Village Idiot.
“Wednesday morning’s fate has fallen upon you. What say ye?” asked the King.
Stanley thought so hard that steam came out of his ears.
The crowd held its breath.
And looking up at King Bookpuddle Stanley shouted, “Let us tie Wednesday Morning to the top branches of yonder tree, that the birdfowls may poop and pee on it!”
The King scratched his beard while the multitude roared its approval.
“This seemeth good to us! So shall it be!” declared the King, even as Geoffrey scrambled up the tree and prepared the ropes.
“We adore thee O King!” chanted the crowd. “There should be a rather large statue of you at the junction of a highly-travelled thoroughfare!”

Have a great…..


Literalicious said...

LOL! I almost shot my Timmies out my nose. (That's right, I said Timmies. Flog me if you must!) :)

Happy hump day...

Beth said...

Oh, crap (so to speak) - I need this Wednesday morning. Don't put it out of my reach with the bird poop!

(And warn me as to the location of the statue if it comes to be...)

Stefanie said...

The statue should have lots of neon. And maybe it could talk too. On a family vacation once when I was a kid we were somewhere where there was a big statue of Paul Bunyan and as we stood there looking up at it it started talking. Made my mom scream which made me and my sister laugh until our stomachs hurt. You deserve a statue that will get people's attention and make them remember it years later.

cipriano said...

Stefanie, I am working together with an architect by the name of Roark, on the design and construction of a nine-metre statue of King Bookpuddle.
It will not so much TALK, but every hour on the hour, it will flatulate a little burst of dust and sing out the words, "READING IS SUCH A GAS!"
I am trying to reach out to the younger generation, you know? Get them into the books!

Beth, I will send you the exact location as soon as Howard and I get the approval of the City. You would not believe the red tape involved. Anti-flatulence laws, the whole nine yards.

Literalicious, ye are forgiven thy trespass!
"Te absolvo!"
Eating of the Horton's products! Ye DO deserve some severe floggage... but let be!

Stefanie said...

Very nice statue design you are planning. It will be perfect :)