Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Well, tonight is a very important night for the Ottawa Senators.
In the last game, Anaheim had their number, and the Sens are now down a game in the series.
1 - 0.
Every Sens fan is out in full-force tonight, the city is wild with anticipation. There are big screens set up all over the downtown core, and I am on my way out to go and take part in the mayhem and revelry.
They've really got to win tonight. There's no two ways about it.
In the world of NHL hockey, to let yourself get into a two-game defecit position in a best-of-seven series.... that's just not good.
That's gonna bruise.
So they've got to do it tonight.
There are no options.
I'll be back later with a post-game comment....

Well, there are different forms of Depression... I am currently in the midst of one of the Sports-Induced type.
Curable only by a radical reversal of fortune in subsequent games!
It is sad. Really a disappointment. Ottawa lost the game by a score of 1 - 0.
So now the Anaheim Ducks lead the series 2 - 0.
That is going to be quite the hole to climb out of, pretty much near impossible, really.
Once again, [my opinion] the Ducks outplayed the Senators, from start to finish. If it were not for the superb play of Ottawa's goaltender, Ray Emery, the score would have been miserable.
An insult.
So much for the foie gras, I guess!
Next game is Saturday, here, on home turf. Or ice, rather.
I still have hope!



Beth said...

I'm still rootin' for your guys.
They'd better come out strong and stay strong!

cipriano said...

Thank you, Beth.
"Rah-rah-rah" and all that jazz.
Right now I feel a bit deflated.
I am in a Post-Game Depression.

Curses upon these blasted Ducks!

Cold Molasses said...

Funny thing Cip...being as big a Sens fan as I am, I thought I would be more upset. But I find myself continuing to smile sometimes when I think of the fact that we are in the STANLEY CUP FINALS!!! Don't get me wrong...I REALLY want us to win, but still, this has been quite the ride.

I'll be at the game on Saturday...can't wait!!!

cipriano said...

Good point, Cold Molasses!
You're right. How can you criticize a team that has got this far? Especially when I have a problem running up one flight of stairs without stopping for a sandwich and a nap, half way!