Thursday, May 24, 2007

Splash du Jour: Thursday

Have a great Thursday!


Merisi said...


Have you ever seen that old black and white movie "Montevideo"? Great final scene. :-)
There's a remake out there (with the great German theater actor Bruno Ganz playing a Venetian waiter - he alone is worth the rental fee), called "Bread and Tulips". Montevideo has a more interesting ending, great fit with your post today.

cipriano said...

I have never heard of it, Merisi.
But thanks for the heads-up. I will watch for it.
Tonight at the Supermarket I was waiting so long in the cashier lineup [she was a trainee] that I picked up this Laurel & Hardy oldie [black and white] DVD.... and threw it in with my groceries, on the conveyor belt, but at the last minute, took it off and put it next to an In Style magazine on the rack.
I like some of the oldies!
-- Cip

Merisi said...

I do like many of those old old movies. I had the opportunity to see the 1923 black and white "Phantom of the Opera" in the Konzerthaus here last week, accomanied by live organ play. You wouldn't believe how gorgeous those images were (1925, and scenes right out of Kafka, for example), and the music, those two hours passed to fast, I had to check my watch to believe it.
I also like feel-good movies, my favorite probably "Notting Hill" (there are some hilariously funny scenes) and "Le Divorce" (the plot reads like a stereotype, but it's directed by James Ivory, he manipulates them in very interesting ways). Want more movie tips? *chuckle* You could share some of yours, btw. Pleeease.