Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Splash du Jour: Wednesday

I’m convinced that if there is such a thing as reincarnation and I run into the person who was Jane Austen in a past life, I will recognize her instantly by her syntax, delivery, and turn of phrase.
-- Anna Qundlen –

I was just telling my Reading Partner© yesterday that we should read the Jane Austen series together, and [amazingly] she agreed to read all six with me!
Have a great Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

So, you have this kind of influence on your reading partner, do you, cipriano?
I'm impressed.
But - speaking of impressed - Mark Twain wasn't.

With Jane, I mean.

Here is what the inimitable Mr. Twain said in a letter to William Dean Howells. He was speaking of the work of the wonderful Edgar Allan Poe:

"To me his prose is unreadable--like Jane Austen's. No, there is a difference. I could read his prose on salary, but not Jane's."

Blasphemy. I know.

You're fun. I like your blogarama.

danielle said...

What fun. I have not yet read all of Austen's work. I keep saying this year, but I'm not moving too quickly! Are you going to read them back to back?

Matt said...

Coincidence #1: I just told a friend of mine on campus that I will always recognize Dostoevsky in his morbid reality and his unique style to portray his protagonist through another character as the protagonist himself is usually too delirious to convey any info to the readers!

cipriano said...

That is wild. I wonder which author it is that I would recognize in a subsequent incarnation. I'm not sure... must think on this...

I am not sure how we will read them. She will have to tell me! She calls the shots.

Ah yes, perhaps Mark Twain did not like Austen... but how can we trust the judgement of a man who refuses to use his real name?
And one of my own literary heroes, C.S. Lewis, LOVED Austen.
[Ummm. Not my real name...]

Merisi said...

There we go, Cip!
You're doing fine, considering, though. :-)))

piksea said...

What great fun! I really enjoyed the Jane Austen books. My ex husband and I sometimes read them to each other at night. We brought them with us to a B&B in Victorian Cape May, NJ. Jane just makes me want to be a better person. I want to be one of her protagonists, but I kind of like my personal romance to be a smidge racier.

I'm a fan of Mr. Twain, Mr. Poe and Ms. Austen. I just can't understand his problem with his kind of sort of colleagues.