Monday, June 25, 2007

Cute! Real Cute!

A funny thing happened on my way out of the lunchroom today, at work.
I glanced at the big bulletin board and there, right in the middle of it, very conspicuous indeed, was an envelope with my name on it.
So I unpinned it.
It felt a bit funny, the envelope, I mean.
As though it contained something other than mere paper. Something a bit heavy, and sort of concentrated in only one corner.
I tore it open and what fell out but one of those yellow sticky notes, all folded up.
I unrolled this, to reveal no words whatsoever.
Just two quarters.
50 cents.

I’m a bit slow on the uptake, I’ll admit. Especially after a nice fat-laden Swanson TV-dinner!
So I did not “get” it, did not quite get the joke for those first 9 or 10 seconds.
Then I laughed!

See, there is only one person at my workplace that really reads my blog.
So, having read my blog from last night, she thought she would help me out a bit with my… [ahem!]… financial issues, regarding payphones!
Cute! Real cute!
I immediately turned around and went up to her office to congratulate her on such a witty gesture!
At first she played dumb. I handed her the quarters back, still stuck to their moorings in the yellow paper but she said, “No, no, I want you to have them. You really need them. You keep those quarters.”
[The brat!]

So I did. I kept them.
And I have them right here, right now, still stuck to the yellow paper, in fact.
And I’m sitting in a Starbucks at the book store.
And there’s a payphone over yonder.

So there can only be one right thing to do at this moment.
Since I don’t need an ambulance [that I am aware of], I am going to go to that payphone and order a pizza!
Ahhh... the serendipitous beauty of blogging.

Hmmm… I’m now thinking of writing a blog about how badly I need a new car.



Beth said...

Don't get your hopes up.

Although I'd be happy to donate 50 cents toward your new car.

Merisi said...

I love the sense of humor of your collegue (but worry a bit about your diet!).
There may be a car right up your alley at Simon's, maybe you are lucky and it's still available. ;-)
Since you will be travelling around the world with your new car, Ilva's Lucullian Delights is round the corner in Tuscany, and home to great food! :-)

Matt said...

Payphone seems like some historical artifact from ages ago. I haven't used one for god know how long. :)

stefanie said...

You can get pizza delivered to Starbucks? I think Jack needs to go into rehab before you get a new car ;)

cipriano said...

I will take all reasonable donations, Beth!

Merisi, does Ilva's have a Drive-Thru? I am usually in a big hurry!

Matt... you are the cell phone generation!
When I was your age, not only were the payphones a dime, but they had a CRANK on the side of them!

No, no Stefanie, I ORDER the pizza from the Starbucks phone, and then PICK IT UP on the way home! But you're right on one thing though.
Jack totally needs rehab!