Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Splash du Jour: Tuesday

No animal should ever jump up on the dining-room furniture unless absolutely certain that he can hold his own in the conversation.
-- Fran Lebowitz –

Have a great Tuesday!


Merisi said...

Our dachshund waits til we move into the living room for coffee and then jumps on the table (first the chair, then the table) and enjoys the cake in peace and quiet. He hates empty chitchat and doesn't care for coffee. :-)

cipriano said...

Yes, I have found the dachshunds to be fairly serious, when it comes to dinner-talk! Stay away from the weiner-jokes though.
But yes, any dachshund is gonna out-talk say for instance, an Afghan. My God, the Afghans just sort of sit there in their pointy-snouted hippy aloofness.
Or a Chihuahua.
They know next to nothing about current events! Just sit there, shivering for no damn reason!
Wanna have some serious convo?
Labrador Retriever.
I once talked for THREE HOURS to a Labrador Retriever.
Mind you, I was on LSD at the time!

Merisi said...

Was the labrador trying to pull you out of the pool in which you had jumped, thinking this was one giant Martini???
Did you know that Wiener dogs like to read? You should see mine, lying for hours on my papers, I literally have to beg him to get up and let me do my work. He then graciously moves over to the currant newspaper, if I am lucky.
Gotta ask Dr. Freud in Bergstrasse if there is some childhood experience involved here.

piksea said...

I've always told my puppy Pickles that he could eat at the table when he was ready to pitch in and do the dishes. My mother is kind enough to refer to his habits as "bad table manners." In reality, if you leave a table unguarded, he will find his way onto it and clean off every plate. He also has learned how to work the tablecloth or the placemats off delivering the food right to the floor in front of him. He's completely incorrigible. I'm pretty sure that even though he's all Cocker Spaniel, he's at least half pig.

For the record, I don't love him for his table manners or his conversational skills.

cipriano said...

Piksea, please tell me. What is it about dogs in general that they would probably eat their own face if they could somehow contort their lower jawbone to get the job done?

Merisi: I love a dog that reads!
Your Weiner-Dawg sounds like a real hoot!