Saturday, June 02, 2007


Well, tonight is a big night for Hockey in Ottawa!
In just minutes from now, a very crucial Game 3 against the Anaheim Ducks will be under way!
Our netminder, Ray Emery, is going to have to be every bit as sharp as he was in the last game. A game which the Senators lost 1 – 0, but in which Ray’s goaltending was superb!
Ottawa’s offense needs to step it up a notch or two.
Or three.
As in, score some goals!
So… I am just about to saunter off down Sussex Street, making my faithful way to the Jumbo-Tron at City Hall to watch tonight’s game along with about 10,000 other rabid fans!
If Ottawa loses this game, well [how does one say it]…. it will be sort of DIRE!
They will be down 3 games to zip, and the only remaining task will be to begin carving out tombstones!
Tonight... it's do or dire!
But I have faith! Yes, I do!
They have home-ice advantage. 20,000 screaming fans, salivating for a win!
They are in their own barn tonight!
I will be back later, with a post-game comment!

Hang on, Ray! You can do this!

It was a lot of fun being amongst so many fans... total excitement.
Every so often the cameras would show an aerial shot of the crowd in front of City Hall and a huge cheer would erupt!

So they did it!
They won the game 5 - 3 and now the series is at 2 - 1 in favor of Anaheim. Next game is Monday evening when I think that I will again go to City Hall, weather permitting.
Well, it was a great game and I am all tired out!
Way to go Sens!


Sam Houston said...

Good luck to the Senators. It's been a while since we've had that kind of excitement in Houston...for me it was 2005 when the Astros were in the World Series where they lost the series four games to none to Chicago.

I can just about imagine how you feel.

Merisi said...

It's so great you finally got a reason to celebrate with your team! Congratulations!
As a Boston Socks fan I know all to well, how hard it is to loose games.
Go, Senators, go! :-)

Cold Molasses said...

OMG...what an awesome game to be at...the crowd was wild...I have no voice left this morning. Looking forward to Game 4!!!

cipriano said...

Yeah Cold Mol, my voice was hoarse too, by the end of it.
I am SOUNDING like a "duck" today.
I hate Chris Pronger.

Beth said...

I think I saw you in the crowd at City Hall. (Kidding.)

Great game - and I hope Pronger gets a suspension for that nasty move.

Rest up for Monday! They need you!