Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tonight's The Night

Well folks, Tonight’s The Night!
And by “Tonight” I mean, I am out the door in a few seconds here!
And by “The Night” I mean… The Night of The Roger Waters Concert!
I am so excited about it. I am positively giddy. Trembling!
As the very astute Puddler will recall, the original night for the concert was ousted by the Senators playoff-hockey game. For a terrible while it seemed that there might be no concert at all! [Horrors!]
BUT… then it was re-scheduled.
Instead of Monday the 4th →Wednesday the 6th.

Trading dates with Quebec City!
So, Tonight’s The Night!

In preparation, last night I watched the entire In The Flesh concert DVD for the 548th time!
I won’t say that Roger Waters is my favorite MUSICIAN [per se], but I would definitely say that he is my favorite musician personality!
I like what he does.
He is classy. Classic. A class in himself.
He’s got the best musician’s working with him, tonight.
Jon Carin, Andy Fairwether-Low, Graham Broad, Snowy White, Dave Kilminster, Katie Kissoon, P.P. Arnold, Carol Kenyon, Ian Ritchie.

I am in the latter stages of Profound Trembulation!
Also, in preparation for Tonight, I have been reading a book by John Harris, called The Dark Side Of The Moon, and learning tons of background stuff about the band [Pink Floyd] and the history of the album’s production and phenomenal success.
Tonight’s The Night.
I attended this same concert last September, in Montreal.
Back then, I did not report on it very much.
But Tonight’s The Night.
This time I will tell you all.

I’m out the door….. → → → →


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Beth said...

Glad you enjoyed the concert.
I think the Sens lost because you weren't watching them.
Which would make you 100% responsible for the Cup going to "ducks."